Marketing Coaching for Sole Practitioner Professionals

Finally — a marketing program for individuals and sole practitioners!

Whether you're an individual at a larger firm, or a sole practitioner, you need to market yourself. Whether it's law or accounting, wealth management or insurance, in today's world you're expected to bring in business. To get ahead or make partner, you must have a book of business.

In the past decade, I've worked with hundreds of individuals on marketing themselves and their businesses. I've learned that everyone can market themselves, but everyone doesn't. That means there's great opportunity for those who want to market themselves, without feeling like used car salesmen.

Business Development Bootcamp™

A 30-day program designed to "jumpstart" your marketing activities!

Our basic program is designed for individuals to focus their time and marketing investment in a way that will maximize both short-term and long-term ROI.

The Business Development Bootcamp™ includes the following:

    •    Receive personal one-on-one coaching
    •    Learn how to “F.O.C.U.S” your personal brand
    •    Develop a leadership position
    •    Build 3 powerful referral networks
    •    Learn how to “connect” in any network situation
    •    Create a simple, yet effective, network tracking system
    •    Set goals and milestones to drive business your way
    •    Learn the methods that provide the most ROI—both short term and long
    •    Receive our Business Development Bootcamp™ Guide and Workbook.

Web 2.0 Marketing Start-Up

A facilitated program designed to "jumpstart" your online marketing activities!

How do you harness Web 2.0, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the others? It's easy, with the Web 2.0 Marketing Start-Up. Originally use by professionals at big firms, we've adapted our public and private workshops to create a new one-on-one program to help sole practitioners generate leads, resources, and referrals from social media.

 In one-month you will:
    •    Receive personal one-on-one coaching
    •    Be a part of 7 online social media platforms (we do it for you!)
    •    Boost your Google “searchability”
    •    Learn what to do, how to do it, and when to do it
    •    Discover the keywords most relevant to your business
    •    Learn how to manage all of it in just minutes a day
    •    Begin to attract interest, inquiries, or even referrals
    •    Receive our Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing Guide & Workbook.

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