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F.O.C.U.S. Branding™ — How To Give Your Company or Brand More Marketing Muscle

Whether it's a brand start-up, a marketing turn-around, or simply taking your brand to the next level, the key to success comes from focusing your marketing efforts in the right direction. What is your company good at? Where does your competition beat you? What is really different about your company? What is your brand "all about"?

If you don't know the answer to these, or you're not using these in your marketing plans this very minute, you need F.O.C.U.S. Branding™. This process, used by Fortune 500 companies but adapted for small- to mid-sized companies, is the key to getting your company headed in the right marketing direction.

Once you've got your strategic direction, it's time to implement. Does your marketing department have the knowledge or skills? Are you vendors supporting or hurting your marketing efforts? Are sales, operations, R&D, and the rest of the company on board? Brian is not looking to be your ad agency or director of marketing. What he can do is make them better, smarter, more strategic, and more accountable to seeing your strategy through.

Among our corporate strategic and consulting services are:
F.O.C.U.S. Branding™ • Brand & Marketing Consulting • Strategic Planning • Marketing Turnarounds
New Product Introductions • Pre- and Post-M&A/Sale Branding

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Marketing Coaching for CEOs, Presidents, and Entrepreneurs

Bringing Your Marketing Vision To Life

You're steering the company. You're at the helm. That also means you're on the hook for succeeding. But is everyone on your team using the same playbook? Do they all know your vision for success? Do they believe in it...or you?

For marketing and branding initiatives to get buy-in, gain momentum, and eventually succeed, you need an internal marketing program to brings your vision to life. This includes critical communications with boards, managers, and key personnel. It means teaching, training and involving the staff, the right way, at the right time.

A brand's #1 advocate must be the CEO, but it's not like you have nothing on your plate. And what about the Internet, social networking, print, and all the other changing media? That's why you need an outside marketing expert on the inside, and on your side! Someone who can help you sculpt your marketing vision, turn it into a marketing message, and get employees and customers to follow you.

Among our CEO coaching and consulting services are:
CEO Marketing Coaching • Internal Marketing • Brand Revitalization •  Chief Marketing Officer For Hire
New Directions/Products • Special Projects

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