"Brian Hemsworth is more than just a marketing consultant and an executive marketing coach—Brian is a CEO's best friend."

Is your marketing helping you make money? Is your marketing strategy on target? Do your customers find your brand irresistible?

If the answer is "no" to any of the above, then you need to change your marketing game plan.

It's not easy as a CEO or as a sole practitioner professional to stay up to date on the latest in marketing. Heck, marketing is enough of a challenge for a lot people doing it full time!

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business, and with factors such as the economy, the Internet, and the rapid pace of business, marketing is more crucial to your company's survival than ever before.

The problem for so many executives is that they only think of marketing in tactical terms, from the street level. While tactics are vitally important, tactics should always follow strategy. That means company heads first need to get up to the 40,000-foot level to look at their marketing "big picture."

Marketing and brand consulting — that gets results!

Unlike most marketing consultants, Brian Hemsworth has worked on all three sides of the marketing triangle: on the client side as a director of marketing, on the agency side as creative and strategic consultant, and on the media side, as an writer and designer. This "360º marketing point of view" gives him a truly unique perspective, and one that contributes significantly to his effectiveness with clients.

Brian is the President of Newman Grace Inc., a California-based marketing communications and brand consulting firm that has been leading companies to more profitable sales since 1996. It was there that he created F.O.C.U.S. Branding™, a process that zeroes in on a company's strategic sweetspot and allows for rapid sales and revenue growth.

In his more than 25 years of marketing experience, Brian has worked on national accounts such as Bank of America, Hyundai, McGraw-Hill, Taco Bell, and Princess Cruises. He's also worked on regional and start-up brands, such as KZ Golf, Dermanew, Ikegami, IV League Medical, KHS Bicycles, and Sigtronics.

Brian is recognized as an expert in professional services marketing, having served as a marketing and brand consultant for scores of law, accounting, insurance and financial firms as well as medical associations, bar associations, and educational institutions.

In fact, Brian has been involved in the successful marketing of nearly 200 brands!

Corporate Consulting and Sole Practitioner Coaching

Brian's practice focuses on two distinct areas, one being corporate consulting and the other coaching individual professionals.

In corporate consulting, he works primarily in the C-suite, in the role of a Chief Marketing Officer or CMO consultant to C-suite personnel. Engagements range from short, "check up" consulting where CEOs can get second opinions from a trusted advisor, all the way to decade-long, on-going engagements (Yes, he's had some clients for over 10 years!)

To learn more about Corporate Consulting, click here.

Over time, he began getting requests from professionals who were referred to him by active clients. Having supervised the marketing of many different salespeople and executives at client companies, he was able to quickly and easily adapt his corporate work to that of individuals. Among his most popular coaching programs are the Business Development Bootcamp™, Web 2.0 Marketing Startup, and his month-to-month, on-going coaching program.

To learn more about Sole Practitioner Coaching, click here.

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